5 Ways On How To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad?


How To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad? We all want the best for ourselves, and for that, we look for the best options. Even if that option is far from home, in some other nation. Right? We all get excited to shift to a new place start a new beginning, but our close ones end up searching for ways to stay connected with friends and family living abroad.  

It is because our close ones love us, miss us, and want to stay connected with us. Now you’ll say technology is something that helps to do the same. However, that emotional feeling via this technology is what people living abroad miss.  

Whether it is Christmas-New Year, we want our close ones to be with us. But it isn’t possible because we live away. So, people don’t get emotional. We are right here at your service. In this article, we will share a few ways by which you can stay connected with friends and family living abroad. 

5 Ways To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad!

Staying connected with family and friends is not difficult, even if they are staying outside your hometown or seven seas away. It is just how you think out of the box and make them feel special is what matters. So, go through the points below and choose the best you can do. 

1# Sending Letters Is The Best 

How To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad?

You are not old school, if you send letters, I feel. Is it because when you write something in your handwriting and make efforts to put down your heart on a piece of paper, it shows your affection for the other person, who will definitely love it. 

Make sure you write a 2-3 page long letter; ya ya 1 page of the letter will also work. You can also decorate it with old pictures and send them to the person you miss. I can assure you that, whenever they will receive it, they will love the gift. 

2# Gifts & Cakes Parceled Overseas

How To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad?

I mean letters are the best choice, but what if your letter is accompanied by a cake or a gift. I mean, it will be a cherry on the top. You can go ahead by adding a gift and a cake that you can parcel overseas. 

Now the question is, cakes and gifts overseas? It would be expensive, right, and what about the care? Relax! Some brands and companies are at our service and help us at every step. 

Companies like GiftBasketsOverseas.com & Cakes Overseas; deliver gifts in more than 200 countries and is an international cake delivery service respectively, which will make the entire process an easy walk. 

So, lovers, families, friends, get ready to send gifts on special occasions or not so special occasions to stay connected with friends and families living abroad. 

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3# Send Traditional Pieces

How To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad?

Now, you are confused, I know! I have stayed outside my country for eight years. Coming from India, I always craved traditional clothes and pieces that I could wear during the time I was in London. 

However, it never came to my family’s and friend’s mind to do something like that. You can collect certain traditional pieces, not just clothing, but jewelry, linens, footwear, etc., and send them to your dear ones. 

Not only the one you have sent it for will love the gift, but people and their friends will also feel emotional and love it. So, I am telling you to do this right now! 

4# Make & Edit Their Videos | Mail Them! 

This one is the most interesting one for me and many because it demands precision and time. Yes, you can make memorable videos for your loved ones by collecting videos, images, and some data. 

Put it together and tell your editor friend (like me wink! wink!) to make a beautiful video with a funny or an emotional song! The one who will receive it will fall in love with it, and there are chances that they will cry remembering you! 

So, make them cry, I mean show them you love them a lot and make a video with the help of your editor friend. 

5# Add Something Of Theirs At Your Place! 

How To Stay Connected With Friends & Family Living Abroad?

Another thing that came into my mind while writing this article is that you can keep their picture, clothes, or something valuable, get it framed, and put it in your room. 

When I was in college, I took my girlfriend’s single curtain and put it in my hostel room’s window. It wasn’t matching at all, but it made me remember her when I was about to cheat her (just kidding). It made me feel her presence and the unmatching curtain will keep your bond and love always matched with one another. 

So, things like these are cute and enhance the essence of love. 

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Final Words

These were some of the best options, I guess, which you can take reference from and stay connected with family and friends out there living abroad. So, people, I guess it is not the time to think more. It is the time to act and make the other person feel important. 

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
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