How To Unlock All Mario Party Characters? Mario’s Secret Is Out!!


Nowadays, everyone is seen playing the popular party game Super Mario Party and asking questions like how to unlock all Mario party characters. Therefore, to keep the fun alive, we are here to teach you how to unlock party characters and other fun things in the game.  

The secret characters in Nintendo’s popular game Super Mario Party aren’t a secret anymore because we are with the easiest ways to unlock them. Come on, join the Mario bandwagon and unlock special characters, modes, in this entertaining game. 

How To Unlock All Mario Party Characters In Super Mario Party? Keep Up With The Fun!

Four special playable party characters are available in the popular party video game Super Mario Party, and each of them can be unlocked by following different sets of requirements. The four unlockable characters in the game are Donkey Kong, Fry Bones, Pom Pom, and Diddy Kong. 

1# Unlock Donkey Kong

How To Unlock All Mario Party Characters? Mario’s Secret Is Out!!

Donkey Kong is a special playable character in Super Mario Party and can be unlocked by playing the River Survival mode. A player must play the River Survival mode three different times and ensure that they land at a different exit point each time.

If a player completes the three rounds doing so, Donkey Kong will appear automatically on their game screens and will cheer for them. After completing the round, players can return to the plaza and unlock Donkey Kong.

2# Unlock Dry Bones 

2# Unlock Dry Bones 

Dry Bones is a random playable character in the game and will unlock randomly while playing Super Mario Party. All players need to keep playing the game until Dry Bones shows up in the plaza.

Since Dry Bones will unlock randomly, players need to make sure that they head back to the plaza each time they complete a gaming round. If you miss heading back to the plaza even once, the chances are that you will miss the opportunity to unlock the character. 

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3# Unlock Diddy Kong 

3# Unlock Diddy Kong 

To unlock the special character Diddy Kong in the game, a player first needs to unlock a new gaming mode, the Challenge Road. Challenge Road will be unlocked once a player has unlocked every minigame playable in Super Mario Party.

After the players have unlocked Challenge Road, they have to play through World 2, also known as the Chestnut Forest section, and beat Diddy Kong in the level. After beating Diddy, head back to the plaza to unlock the character.

4# Unlock Pom Pom 

4# Unlock Pom Pom 

Like Donkey Kong, Pom Pom is also a special playable character in the game and can be unlocked by passing the Salty Sea section, also known as World 5 in the Challenge Road.

A player needs to play to the end of World 5 with Pom Pom and beat the character to unlock it. Once a player successfully beats Pom Pom, they can head back to the plaza where Pom Pom will be waiting for them to unlock her. 

How To Unlock Every Gem In Super Mario Party? 

How To Unlock Every Gem In Super Mario Party? 

To view the final cutscene in the game, every player needs to collect all the five gems available. Players can earn one gem each time they successfully pass a game round in one of the five main gaming modes. 

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1# How To Unlock Gem Of Tenacity In Super Mario Party?

Gem of Tenacity will be the first unlockable gem made available to the players in the game. Players have to play a match on all four default boards available and win them to unlock the Tenacity gem.

2# How To Unlock Gem Of Love In Super Mario Party?

To unlock the Gem of Love, a player needs to play one game round on all four boards in the Partner Party mode of the game. 

3# How To Unlock Gem Of Courage In Super Mario Party?

To unlock the Gem of Courage, a player needs to investigate every route in the River Survival gaming mode and display their courage. 

4# How To Unlock Gem Of Spirit In Super Mario Party?

Unlocking Gem of Spirit can be the most complicated but the least time-consuming task in the game. A player needs to do one simple thing. Complete one round of Sound Stage mode in the game, but they have to play it in the most challenging setting. 

5# How To Unlock Gem Of Passion In Super Mario Party? 

To earn the passion gem, a player has to complete the Challenge Road gaming mode.

How To Unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower In Super Mario Party?

How To Unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower In Super Mario Party?

Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower is a pretty gold shaded board decorated with all the beautiful gems in the game. Every player’s wish is to unlock the board to play and win a match on this shiny palette.

A player needs to complete a match on each of the three other boards available in the game to unlock the board. The three default playable boards in Super Mario Party are Megafruit Paradise, Whomp’s Domino Ruins, and King Bob-Omb’s Powderkeg Mine. Once players complete the matches, Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower will unlock itself. 

How To Unlock Challenge Road & Every Other Unlockable In Super Mario Party? 

How To Unlock Challenge Road & Every Other Unlockable In Super Mario Party? 

Super Mario Party starts with four different gaming modes, but all of them aren’t available when a player first starts playing the game. The only modes available for the players are – Mario Party, River Survival, Partner Party, and Sound Stage. Along with the major gaming mode called Challenge Road, let’s see how each mode can be unlocked. 

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1# How To Unlock Challenge Road In Super Mario Party?

A player needs to unlock all the 84 minigames available within the game to unlock the Challenge Road. The minigames can be played through each of the four basic gaming modes that are already available to play. 

2# How To Unlock Toad’s Rec Room In Super Mario Party? 

A player needs to complete one match in the Mario Party mode to unlock this game mode. 

3# How To Unlock Party Points In Super Mario Party? 

Once players have completed one or two matches from other gaming modes, they can talk to the main Toad who gave them the Party Pad. After the chat, the Toad will unlock the Party Points option, and you can finally use them for acquiring the unlockables. 

4# How To Unlock Sticker Room In Super Mario Party?

Sticker Room can only be unlocked after the players have access to the Party Points. After unlocking the latter, players can visit the red warp pipe section in the Party Plaza and ask Kamek to unlock the room for them.  

Final Words 

Unlocking special characters, gaming modes, etc., can be tough but not when you have an experienced player like me to help you out. By taking help from the steps mentioned above, a player can easily access all the unlockables in the game and have a fun experience while playing Super Mario Party. 

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