How Video Content Helps In Increasing Website Traffic


Video content is now being used extensively compared to conventional content like text and images. Today, many digital marketers rely on video content more than the previous text and images. These are some of the most effective tools that drive more sales and more traffic to the business.

Websites play a crucial role in driving more sales. Therefore, the objective of digital marketing is based on how to promote a website that can boost sales. Keeping visitors to your website for a long time is known as an effective marketing approach.


Implementing the method can drastically decrease the bounce rate and boost search engine rankings. Since boosting the search engine ranking is to drive more sales, professionals use this method that can truly make a great contribution to your business. More than 80% of businesses use video content to promote their brand and boost traffic to their websites. 

Almost every eCommerce brand relies on video content firmly compared to other businesses. According to experts, businesses also witness large ROI after investing in video content. Since people appreciate the video contents, it is obvious that marketers also emphasize how to amplify the brand message and reach a larger audience with the help of videos. Before we get into details, here is what statistics say about influence of video content on website traffic. 

Statistics And Facts 

How Video Content Helps In Increasing Website Traffic

Here are the reasons that inspire digital marketers to rely on video content more than conventional content.

  • 125% of the conversion rate can be achieved by putting product or explainer videos on the landing page.
  • Websites with videos on their pages get a 53% higher chance of being listed in the SERPs.
  • Video contents build high reputation and trust among the audience than the images and text.
  • 93% of the customers agree that they have taken the purchasing decision after watching the video.
  •  Video is the best way to educate and transmit the brand message to the audience.
  • Videos ensure more returning customers.

Video contents are top in popularity. It becomes a golden opportunity for marketers to utilize the popularity of video content marketing. The influence of video content is growing gradually, and various digital firms are capitalizing on it. Since there are different types of videos, some of them act much better than the rest.

Advantages Of Video Contents

How Video Content Helps In Increasing Website Traffic

The benefits of video content are limitless. We have listed a few of them below to help you understand the significance of video content in transforming your business into a brand. 

Drives More Sales And ROI

Video contents drive more sales to the brand. These are the most important mediums that transmit the brand message to the audience. Video contents have a special role in converting a mere viewer into a potential customer. Since the ROI of the video content are greater than any other content, businesses find it easy to invest in this type of content that can rightly deliver an outstanding result.

Larger Social Sharing With Video Content

Video contents are the most popular material for the internet audience. They appreciate the videos because of the detailed information. They feel it is easy to watch videos rather than going through long blogs. Eying on popularity, popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter promote video content more than text and images. Since it is quite easy to edit videos, many users find it easy to post videos and share them with their friends and followers. According to a study, video contents have more than 1200% more social media share than text and images.

Video Contents Contribute To Increasing Website Traffic

A website is the biggest platform on the internet for a business. If the website becomes more visitor-friendly, visitor retention time will also be increased. Furthermore, the videos will help attract new customers while retaining existing customers. In this way, videos not only help to increase client loyalty but also aid SEO.

Why Is Website Traffic Crucial?

How Video Content Helps In Increasing Website Traffic

Running paid ads on social media and search engines will deliver instant results. However, the reality is that businesses want long-term results and traffic back to the website to generate more results. Constantly relying on ad traffic to generate more sales or conversions is certainly a great strategy, but the expenses will be skyrocketed.

The website is the digital identity of the brand. The website will let the people know how your products are valuable and will meet the requirements of the people. Today’s businesses are largely depending on the website and the digital audience.

More website traffic means more people will know about the business, and it is more complicated than that. If your business is based completely online, website traffic plays a pivotal role in increasing brand awareness and sales.

No matter in which field you are, it is crucial to the importance of website traffic to your business. Preparing a website can be a big investment. This is why it is crucial to get a better return on investment than what you have invested in your website. 

Currently, video content is considered the best way to get more traffic to your website. It also helps to amplify the brand message to a maximum audience. Putting a video on the website would truly deliver an outstanding result, so many people prefer to invest in video content to achieve the business goal.

Here is how video contents help to increase the website traffic

Upgrading Video Landing Page

Marketers use dissimilar ways to spread the brand message and positivity of the video. You need to start that task by optimizing the video landing page. When you upgrade a video landing page, it will let prospective clients find you along with your landing page. Putting ads on social media platforms that include completely optimized video landing pages would make the page more popular and noticeable. 

Creating Short Video Content

Most people prefer to watch short videos. This is because these videos take less time to watch and are mainly packed with information. According to experts, video lengths of less than two to three minutes get maximum attention and appreciation compared to 15 minutes long videos.

You can also emphasize using a call-to-action that prompts the viewers to visit the website. If your message in the video is unclear, it may affect the conversion rate. So, it is a recommendation to shorten your videos using an online video editor for better customer engagement and conversion rate.

Website Loading Time

Website loading time has a significant role in website traffic. If a page takes longer to load, people will leave the page as soon as possible. Google has a tool to evaluate the loading and running performance of the website. When the website has a faster loading time, it also has faster video downloads. As a marketer, you can boost your company’s bottom line by making the website faster and gaining more visitors.

Using Different Video Marketing Channels

To make the video content more effective, you can leverage the power of different video marketing channels. These channels help for more brand exposure, customer trust, and lead generation. Though it is influenced by the customers’ location, business location, and level of the client’s happiness, it still helps drive more traffic to the website.

Use different social media platforms, video-sharing sites, blogs, websites, and other owned media platforms to drive more traffic to the website. It is quite interesting to get maximum traffic to the website.

Investing In Quality Video Content

Creating your video content is the main way to reach the maximum audience. Digital marketers’ purpose is to invest in different types of video content that can attract maximum attention. Videos like how-to, explainer, testimonial, and tutorial types are more popular than other videos.

Personalized video content can directly improve engagement and increase the conversion rate. Making professional videos is not as easy as we think. So, to make these types of videos, you need to hire professionals. They can help to tweak the content according to the audience.

Make The Videos Shareable

In this social media era, watching and sharing videos has become easy. People only prefer to share such videos in the circle they like most. So, suppose the viewers won’t get anything interesting in the videos. In that case, they don’t share, and in this way, the video can’t get the desired popularity.

Include sharing options in your videos because this is an excellent method to accomplish the popularity parameter. You can also add any comment of the people to showcase how much sense you are towards the audience. When they find your video interesting, they don’t shy away from sharing it with their friends.

Final Words

Website traffic plays a crucial role in achieving business goals. Video contents attract more attention and drive more traffic to the website. This is why many digital marketing professionals emphasize investing in video content rather than conventional content to achieve the business goal. 

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