50+ Fun Icebreaker Questions for the New Kid in Class


The first few moments of being at a new school can be intimidating for kids. So, the teachers indulge them in some fun and innovative icebreaker questions. These activities help the child to open up and to adapt to a new environment easily. 

There is a mix of excitement and nervousness in kids when they enter a whole new world. Will I make new friends here? Will the teachers be good to me? What if the teacher scolds me on my first day? All these questions wander through their young minds making them nervous. 

As a teacher, you are not only a person who will educate them or keep an eye on the kid’s activities. You are also their first friend in a new place of education. You have to make sure that the kid feels safe and secure in the classroom. Besides this, you also have to be patient if they take time to open up. 

Meanwhile, to help them adjust, you can ask them some icebreaker questions for kids and get to know a few more things about them apart from their name. These questions will also help the kids in realizing that you are there to help them. 

Icebreaker Questions for Kids 

With these icebreaker questions, you can create a fun environment in the classroom for the new kid. Not only this, but the other students in the class can also ask each other these questions and become good friends. 

#1 Icebreaker Questions to Know About the New Kid

Icebreaker Questions
  1. Do you look more like your mother or your father?
  2. What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
  3. What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
  4. How many books did you complete reading this summer? 
  5. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
  6. What kind of music do you like?
  7. Do you have any hidden talents?
  8. How would you spend a rainy day?
  9. What’s the most unusual thing that you carry school bag?
  10. Where were you born?
  11. Do you have any pets?
  12. What are you most thankful for?
  13. How do you feel about pickles?
  14. Do you have any siblings?
  15. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  16. Can you play an instrument?
  17. What is your astrological sign?
  18. What’s your favorite YouTube channel?
  19. Which cartoon character do you want to meet?
  20. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  21. What is your middle name?
  22. Do you have any nicknames?
  23. Where did you have your worst injury?
  24. Which is the one thing that you fear the most?
  25. Who do you love the most?

#2 Icebreaker Questions for Kids Based on School

Icebreaker Questions
  1. have you ever dressed up as a mascot for school?
  2. Have you ever gotten into trouble at school?
  3. What subject do you work best in?
  4. Have you ever been a part of the student council?
  5. What do you wish to be when you grow up?
  6. Do you like school?
  7. Which extracurricular activities do you like?
  8. Are you the boy scout/girl scout in your school?
  9. What subject is your favorite?
  10. What subject is your least favorite?

#3 Icebreaker Questions for Kids Based on Sports 

  1. What is your favorite sports team?
  2. What sports have you played?
  3. What’s the biggest fish you ever caught?
  4. Do you know how to hunt?
  5. Can you hit a golf ball?
  6. Are you good at bowling?
  7. Do you go to school games to show team spirit?
  8. Do you like camping?
  9. Do you know how to fish?
  10. Have you ever played with a bow and arrow?
  11. Do you like kickball?
  12. Can you ice skate?
  13. Have you ever been part of a sports team?
  14. If there was any sport you could perform in the Olympics, which would you choose?
  15. Have you ever won a trophy or medal?
  16. Who is your favorite professional athlete?
  17. Have you ever visited a football or soccer stadium?
  18. Can you catch a baseball?
  19. Can you throw a football?
  20. What’s your favorite sport to play?

#4 Icebreaker Questions to Ask Kids About their Favorites

  1. Who is your favorite superhero?
  2. What’s your favorite sport to play?
  3. What’s your favorite line from a movie?
  4. What is your favorite candy?
  5. What is your favorite ice cream?
  6. What’s your favorite activity when you’re alone?
  7. Which place has the best mac n cheese?
  8. What’s your favorite drink?
  9. What does your favorite t-shirt say?
  10. What is your favorite food?
  11. What is your favorite vegetable?
  12. What is your least favorite vegetable?
  13. What’s your favorite color?
  14. What’s the best season and why?
  15. Who has the best french fries?
  16. Who has the best burgers?
  17. What’s the best chip flavor?
  18. What is the best Starburst flavor?


These are some of the best icebreaker questions for kids that you ask them or that they can ask each other and become more interactive socially. All of these questions are framed keeping in mind the innocence of children and will let them open up to their friends and others easily. 

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Antra Koul
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