5 Best Car Insurance For Teen Drivers Who Are Ready For The Wheels In The US!


Whether you are an experienced driver or still in the learning process, insurance is something that every driver should have. And if you have adolescents in the family, early insurance for teen drivers is the way to go. 

Families come in different shapes and sizes. But all of them lead a different life beyond the confinements of their own homes. And since traveling is a big part of everyone’s life, driving has become necessary. And teens, as we know, want it all done in their way. Most families get their kids to learn to drive a used vehicle so that if any damage occurs, it will not cost them a fortune. 

But after they get hold of the steering, they move on to bigger and better wheels. Hence, getting them young drivers insurance is a good idea. But many questions come to mind before choosing insurance. Like Do I need insurance to practice driving? Or what are the criteria for getting insurance? Don’t worry! We will clear it out for you!

Why Do You Need Early Insurance For Teen Drivers? 

Insurance is something that saves us from an unexpected expense or comes to our rescue in times of need. So, to protect our near and dear ones from the unexpectedness of life, you should always buy reliable and trustworthy insurance that suits your needs. But why do you need early insurance for teen drivers? Well, firstly for safety and secondly for their good. 

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Here Are Some Cheapest Car Insurance For Families With Teen Drivers!

5 Best Car Insurance For Teen Drivers Who Are Ready For The Wheels In The US!

Buying a car is one thing, but caring for it is another. And imagine expecting your teenage kids to take care of it. Not a great scene right?. Here are some high ranking, tried and tested car insurance companies for you, that will help you make a better decision.

#1 USAA Insurance Company 

USAA offers some of the best and cheapest services in the teen insurance department in the US. Its auto coverage insurance policy is a hassle-free way to get on board with exclusive discounts and services if you are looking for insurance fro teen drivers. The policy coverage starts at as low as $103 per month


GEICO offers policies that fit the needs of your family and vehicle insurance. Regarded as one of the biggest insurance companies in the US, GEICO offers some pretty affordable policy prizes. The annual premiums for a one-car family start as low as $1.675.21, and monthly offers start at $139.60, making it the second cheapest option on our list. 

#3 Travelers

With experience that goes beyond 160 years, Travelers is a policy company that can be trusted sight unseen. Many timely discounts and exclusive offers keep running on the website now and then. Plus, if you have a clean driving record, the company offers you an instant 23% discount for good skills. The prices start at $1,676.33, but check their website for seasonal discounts and offers to get more benefits. 

#4 State Farm 

State Farm is seen as the largest auto insurance provider for drivers in the US and is the fourth most affordable in the country. The prices start as low as $1,710.99 per year, but with various discounts and exclusive offers, you can expect it to come down to a triple-digit bill. 

#5 Safeco 

As stated by its website, a part of the Liberty Mutual Company, Safeco insurance is ‘Always Clear, And never complicated.’ The company offers independent agent services that further provide convenience, savings, and protection to the utmost limit. The premium offers start at $1,728.67, and many additional discounts and exclusive discounts can help seal the deal. 

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Here Are Some Discounts And Offers You Should Look Forward To! 

5 Best Car Insurance For Teen Drivers Who Are Ready For The Wheels In The US!
  • Good Student Discount: You are eligible for this discount if you’re an academically good student. Good grades can give you a concession of 25% on some policies. 
  • Steer Clear Discounts: You are eligible for this discount if you have completed safe driving training. This can help you to get 15% off your total policy limit. 
  • Accident-Free Discount: The eligibility for this discount depends on your driving ability. If you have been a safe driver with no accident or fine slips for three consecutive years, you can save yourself a fortune on auto premium. 
  • Multi-Car Discount: If you own more than two cars, you will be eligible for a multi-car discount, which offers many discounts that you cannot afford to miss. 
  • New Car Discounts: If you just got your teenager, a new set of wheels, make sure to get it insured. Many companies offer exclusive discounts and deductions for new cars. So, make sure to inquire about the same from your chosen policy company to save upto 10% on your new insurance policy 
  • Student Away From Home: If your teen lives away from him, make sure to mention that to your agent or policy company to enjoy an exclusive 7% auto insurance discount. 

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Final Words 

There might be many other companies that offer lower prices but bad service. So, to help you not make rash and wrong decisions, we have pinned down efficient and trustworthy companies for you to choose from. From insuring your daily use vehicle to helping you get the best and cheapest offers, our list has it all done for you. 

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