How To Read Messages Secretly Using KidsGuard Pro On Android?


In this fast-moving world, you would never want yourself to sit home and look around your child, specifically working parents, right? Whether you are a mom or a dad, you’d never want your child to grow up alone at home. You will definitely want gadgets to be a part of their growth. Here comes KidsGuard Pro for Android at a rescue for parents.  

However, it isn’t possible to keep an eye on your child and check their devices all the time. Specifically for Android users, today, apps like KidsGuard Pro for Android can be used by parents anytime, anywhere, is available with good reviews. 

So, dear people, let us understand how does this available product works and what are the things you should be aware of before making a purchase.

KidsGuard Pro | Parent’s Genuine Friend! 

Why are we calling KidsGuard Pro every parent’s genuine friend? It is because it helps every parent, whether working or non-working, to make sure that their kid is away from dangerous cyber elements, which means it definitley ensures safety. 

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What Does KidsGuard Pro Offers?

  • It allows parents to keep their kid’s movement from one place to another. This means it works as a real-time tracker. 
  • It even allows parents to keep an eye on their kid’s internet interaction. This means it allows them to keep a check whether their kids are not indulged in certain dangerous activities. 
  • It even allows parents to keep a check on the fact that there is required screen time and no unnecessary scrolling. 
  • From one dashboard, they can even keep a balance of the online activities. 

Plans Offered By KidsGuard Pro 

The plans which are offered by KidsGuard Pro are as follow- 

1 Months Plan- $29.95

3 Months Plan- $49.95 (which means $16.60 per month)

1 Year Plan- $99.95 (which means $08.32 per month)

Things Available Under This Plan | Things You Have Access To-

  • Contacts
  • Video Preview
  • Photos 
  • GPS/Wi-Fi Locations
  • Calendars 
  • Data Export 
  • App Activities 
  • Take Photos 
  • Free Updates 
  • Location History 
  • Call Logs 
  • Keylogger
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Messages 
  • Geofence 
  • Record Calls 
  • Browser History 
  • Stealth Mode 
  • And, Social Media 

How To Use KidsGuard Pro For Android?

There is a process to start the device on your android phone and get access to all the available features- 

Step 1: It’s time to create your KidsGuard Pro Account. 

Step 2: To do that you have to install the application and step it up. 

Step 3: Once you’ll verify the KidsGuard Pro, you can monitor kids through one step dashboard. 

How To Create the KidsGuard Pro Account for your Android Device?

Before you install the application, you first have to register and buy a plan as per your choice. You have to make sure you sign in through your valid email ID to make use of the application and get a chance to use the advanced features available

Now Is The Time To Install The KidsGuard Pro Application

KidsGuard Pro For Android

Once you are done buying a plan of your choice, you can go through your device successfully and manage the things you wanted to via My Product and My Order. After you are done with the latter step, you have to tap on the Setup Guide Tab to complete the entire login process.

Steps To Install The KidsGuard Pro For Android! 

There are very few simple steps that you have to follow so that you can start working on your device. 

Make sure you install KidsGuard Pro-Assistant. You have to do it on the target Android device. 

KidsGuard Pro For Android

Now you have to cross ceratin login steps and complete the required steps and make proper stegging for the phone you have to keep a check on! 

android control panel

Time For Monitoring | Make Sure Your Account Is Verified

Once you are done with all the steps required, it is time to make use of the paid device. Now on your application, you will see the device name and its required information. Tap on the phone activities option and the available data. It will take some time for your device to sync because it is the first time you are using a particular application.

Why KidsGuard Pro For Android Is One Of The Best Applications?

There are many reasons for the application to be one of the best device tracker applications, because of the following reasons- 

  • 100% undetectable
  • 3 easy steps installation
  • Guaranteed privacy and security
  • Friend customer care support 
  • Multiple language support
  • Better Price 
  • Userfriendly Interface

Final Words

The overview on KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best tool that you can use to keep a check on your kids’ device. The plan is under a good offer, there is hell a lot of benefits for the one buying the plans. Not just that, even you kid will never get to know that you have access to the device, as it is 100% undetectable. So, what are you waiting for comm’on make a purchase now! 

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