Nature vs Nurture | Effects On Genes, Mental & Physical Health


The age-old question… What matters more? Is it the genes passed on by your family, or the environment you live in? What are the consequences of these factors? Is there any way to protect yourself from their negative effects on health? The nature vs nurture discussion never ends. And that’s for a reason – there’s no straightforward answer to these questions. However, we’ll do our best to provide you with knowledge.

Unfortunately, basic lessons at school don’t really elaborate on that topic. The truth is, neither of these two subjects can be omitted when considering your health. If you want to ensure longevity, you must understand the “nature versus nurture” hypothesis well. Below, we put a short summary of everything you need to know to stay fit for ages!

Attitude Determines Everything
Attitude Determines Everything

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Basic Definition

Nature vs Nurture | Effects On Genes, Mental & Physical Health

The first question people often ask is actually the most basic one. And that is… what is the difference between nature and nurture? Simply put, nature means everything connected to genes and our natural development, while nurture – is everything else. While the latter might sound broad, it is for a reason.

Nurture refers to all the environmental factors and our surroundings. Hence, some college experts suggest it plays the biggest role in determining our health, as we are constantly exposed to the environment. It’s also worth noting that in the modern days, we are changing the environment faster than we adapt to it. This only supports the theory about the importance of surrounding factors.

Effects On Mental Health

Nature vs Nurture | Effects On Genes, Mental & Physical Health

While it is true that certain people have more predispositions for mental diseases, our everyday life also impacts it very much. What are the mental health effects? Wrong upbringing can cause children to develop anxiety, stress disorders, and various traumas.

Some research paper samples also state that our model of society is responsible for the most common mental health conditions. The argumentative essay on nature vs nurture recommends that depression and certain negative, or even aggressive behaviors, are the result. At the same time, staying in a positive environment with lots of nature can positively affect mental health. Hence, some patients with mental health conditions are recommended to perform outdoor activities and sports.

Effects On Physical Health

Nature vs Nurture | Effects On Genes, Mental & Physical Health

This is important, and most people might be aware that genes play a determining role in some diseases. If, for example, diabetes runs in your family, you are more susceptible to it. But is it always true? There are certain formulas you can incorporate into your routine to prevent conditions such as heart disease or type II diabetes.

A healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders for you. These prevention techniques are easily applicable and a choice worth making, no matter if you’re at risk or not. When it comes to physical health, you should also consider health screenings, never to become a victim of late-discovered cancer.

With such changes to your lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about how nurture affects genes anymore!

Effects On Children

Nature vs Nurture: Effects on Genes, Mental & Physical Health

All of the nature vs. nurture facts are very much applicable when it comes to children. Traits such as eye and skin color, and diseases such as anemia or Huntington’s are directly inherited genetically, and there’s not much we can do about it. At the same time, behavioral and thinking patterns are a by-product of our environment and upbringing.

It’s worth pointing out that the direct balance between the importance of nature and nurture is still unsolved. Many studies are being conducted on this topic, involving twins separated at birth and seeing how they develop in different environments.

When it comes to intelligence, both factors play their role. While genes determine the brain’s size and chemistry, environmental factors cannot be overlooked. In fact, the human brain develops over the years, and its capability is a result of schooling, education, and community. That’s why a solid education is the foundation of an intelligent person, and having many life experiences increases your IQ.

Understanding nature and nurturing psychology might be one of the best things a parent can do to ensure a smart, intelligent child, who’s curious about our world.

Final Words

By now, you probably have an idea of how important both factors are, and why none of them is less valuable than the other.

While we may have very little to say in terms of genes, there are practical things we can incorporate into our lifestyle to stay healthy. This can often prevent family diseases, neutralize them or, in some cases – even reverse them. Even if you think you’re not in the group of risk, practicing a balanced diet and regular exercise will be only beneficial to you.

When it comes to our environment, things get even more interesting. The complexity of this topic makes it hard to understand fully, but you should follow certain principles. Ensure drinking clean water, breathing fresh air, and detoxicating if needed. These simple steps will keep you in pristine condition, regardless of age. And regarding intelligence? One of the best investments you can make is to invest in your own education.

Now that you grasp the idea of nature and nurture, it’s time to go and pass it to further generations, to make sure we all live a healthy and fulfilling life!

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Vansh Sharma
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