Is Spider-Man Miles Morales DLC Update Coming? Gamers Are You Ready For Some Action!



PlayStation lovers, I heard that many of you are worried about the Spider-Man Miles Morales DLC (Downloadable Content) update. I hope I heard it right? If yes, then I am here at the right time to take away all of your worries regarding the update. Months have passed since we heard of any updates regarding the DLC packs for the latest Spiderman Morales, so I suppose now is the right time to break the ice.  

If you haven’t been able to wrap your head around Spiderman Miles Morales, then here is a quick introduction. Marvel’s Miles Morales is a popular action-adventure game created by Insomniac Games under a collaboration with Sony Interactive, specifically for PS4 and PS5. The game revolves around Marvel’s superhero Miles Morales who plays spiderman in a few comic editions written by Brian Michael Bendis. 

Spiderman Miles Morales is a recent addition in the market after the company’s previous installment of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game follows the struggle of Miles Morales around his personal life and duties as Harlem’s new superhero. In contrast to its predecessor that was released with three DLC packs, nothing was associated with Miles Morales. DLC may not precisely be a strong suit for the game, but it did help the game to develop curiosity amongst the players for its sequel. At the moment, it is unlikely to see Spider-Man Miles Morales release with a DLC update, but will it affect the game’s performance? 

Let’s read and find out more about the DLC pack and whether it is good or bad for the game to continue without the pack. 

Spider-Man Miles Morales DLC Update | Insomniac Games Have Other Plans! 

Before starting, let’s see what this DLC is all about? In gaming, DLC refers to ‘Downloadable Content’ and is associated with the additional features available with the game apart from the base game. Mainly the extra features included are levels, costumes, story packs, and characters. If a game comes without a DLC pack, the players won’t be able to access the pre-order bonuses and the extra items. 

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Spider-Man Miles Morales DLC Update Is Not Coming Out Any Time Sooner!

Miles Morales: Is Spider-Man Miles Morales DLC Update Coming?

From the past ten months since the release of Miles Morales, we still haven’t heard any update regarding the release of expansion packs. Game developers usually take around two or three months after the base game’s release to come up with expansion packs, but nothing of the sort was noticed. It means, Insomniac Games have moved forward from the DLC packs for their latest Marvel issue. While this may come as a disappointment to many, it is not as bad as it sounds. If Spider-Man Miles Morales gains popularity without DLC packs, it can benefit the franchise in the long term. 

If the rumors are true, the Game house is already working on an unnamed multiplayer game, believed to be set around the Sunset Overdrive remaster. In the predecessor Spider-Man series, the story pack, Ratchet, and Clank: Rift Apart, paved the way for a new game that revolved around the heroes targeting the remaining Lombaxes. All of this points to the development of a new Spiderman game that will entirely focus on his story rather than the expansion packs stealing all the limelight.  

Spider-Man Miles Morales

A new game is not the only benefit fans will enjoy. No DLC for Miles Morales also means that Spider-Man 2 will be released sooner than expected. With Insomniac Games’ focus going to the newer projects, it is possible that the players will face a big clash with the Venom at the earliest. Isn’t this something that all of you want?

Many also believe that the DLC pack not going to Miles Morales is a good thing because it can be added to Spider-Man 2. Expansion packs for the new Spiderman game will add many twists to the story and make it worth waiting. The extra suit concepts, powers, and other stories will now be witnessed in the spidey hero’s next big adventure. 

If we also take a look at the side missions of the present game, it seems that Kingpin and Miles have gone into an extreme confrontation where the crime lord has threatened to kill Miles’ loved ones. This encounter was initially planned for the DLC pack, but now it will most likely work as the main plot of Spider-man 2, with the two getting into a fierce battle. 

Final Words 

The Spider-Man Miles Morales DLC update not rolling out, is undoubtedly a disappointment for many PS players, but it also has many benefits. There is still a wait before the players get to see Miles Morales in a thrilling adventure in Spider-man 2, which will hopefully compensate for all the additional actions missing in this edition. 


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