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Spending quality time when gathering with family and friends is very important. To not have a boring time and play card or board games at the kitchen table, you can make a one-time investment by purchasing table games. Designing a game room in your house and purchasing multiple game tables will ensure that everyone will adore that part of your house the most. Here are the top 4 table games which are the most widespread and loved ones among people of different age categories. 

4 Table Games You Can Play To Spend Quality Time With Family!

How much screen time is too much screen time? The answer is that we don’t know. With the recent digitalization, things seem to have taken a complete turn for both best and the worst. The best part is that with this digital change, things have become much easier and the worst part is that we seem to have forgotten what it’s like to have fun without spending time on our screens. so, keeping this in mind, here you will find a few table games to take you back to the good old days.

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1# Air Hockey Table

Top 4 Table Games That Will Ensure Quality Time

Air hockey is one of the most popular and exciting games around the world. You can put air hockey tables in your house or office and even use them for commercial purposes. The principle of the game is very basic. On the table’s surface, airflow is created through various tiny holes. Players need to score points by using a paddle to shoot a puck. The surface is edged with rails, which are created to rebound the puck back into play. The difficult part of air hockey is to have enough skills to use the rails for confusing your opponent. 

2# Pool Table

Top 4 Table Games That Will Ensure Quality Time

The pool table has been an excellent game choice for many generations and is considered an essential addition to any game room. Although there are cheap and low-quality pool tables on the market, it is better to purchase a high-quality model which will last a lifetime. This game can be enjoyed for many years by all the family members, no matter the age or gender.

Whether you are a non-professional player or even a league player, you should carefully consider your needs to pick the right table. You need to consider the dimensions, surface material, pockets, and other features of the table. You can take a look at the best guide for buying a pool table to be able to make the right choice.

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3# Foosball Table

Top 4 Table Games That Will Ensure Quality Time

Nowadays, finding foosball tables for every budget and need is not a problem. The cost of foosball tables is directly correlated with whether you purchase an amateur or a professional table. You should keep in mind that as higher the price as long-lasting your table will be. High-quality foosball tables are usually heavy and constructed with durable materials. However, if you plan to put it in your home game zone and play it with your kids, you can purchase a medium-quality one. Professional tables are better for commercial places or entertainment centers.

4# Table Tennis

Top 4 Table Games That Will Ensure Quality Time

The last table game which for sure is a necessity is table tennis. It is a fast-paced sport that was invented in the 19th century and is popular till now. Table tennis tables vary in size, features, materials, etc. Usually, the first thing you need to pay attention to when purchasing is the top’s thickness. Usually, as thicker the top as higher the price of the table. However, the thickest tables are for professional use, and amateur players can have a perfect play with tables of medium top thickness. 

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Final Words

We are sure you will enjoy playing these table games with your family as much as we have. Once you have a good time with your family, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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