Surrogacy In Thailand: Everything You Need To Know!


Have you been trying to become parents for a long time, but previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage? Are you tired of hoping and suffering? Do you want to hug your baby as soon as possible? Gestational surrogacy will help you. According to the World Center of Baby, this is an effective solution to the painful problem of millions for a reasonable price.

Surrogacy is a program of assisted reproductive technology. The sex gametes of biological parents (sperm and ovum) are taken and implanted in a third woman. As a result, she bears and gives birth to a baby. However, it is not always possible to take biological material from the parents, for example, sick or a same-sex couple. In this case, a donor cell can be used. At the end of the program, the surrogate mother hands the child to the parents, receiving official parental rights.

In most countries of the world, many couples are prohibited from using surrogacy services. Therefore, they are forced to visit a clinic in another country. But what is about the World Center of Baby surrogacy in ThailandThailand is known worldwide for its beaches and hotels, surgeries’ number and cheapness, and the well-developed surrogacy industry. As a result, many thousands of couples turn to local women to get surrogacy services. But is it legal at all? The World Center of Baby agency knows the answer.

Is It Legal and What Is the Cost Of Surrogacy In Thailand?

Surrogacy In Thailand: Everything You Need To Know!

World Center of Baby states that surrogacy procedures are very popular worldwide. After all, sometimes this is the only perfect chance to have a baby. Surrogacy procedures are a type of assisted reproductive technology, and three people are involved in it: genetic parents and a woman who agrees to bear their child under certain conditions and doesn’t pretend to be a mother.

Thailand became the “capital” of medical tourism on assisted reproductive technologies for gay/lesbian couples. As the forum states, commercial surrogacy in Thailand was allowed, but this didn’t last long. In 2015, commercial surrogate pregnancy was banned entirely in Thailand. The ban only concerned foreigners. As a result, this put an end to “reproductive migration,” and no surrogacy agency in Thailand can help you.

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This happened due to a big scandal in the country involving a same-sex couple. During the IVF procedure, two embryos were transplanted, and, unfortunately, one of them was found to have severe defects and the development of Down’sDown’s syndrome. Nevertheless, the surrogacy woman refused to have an abortion for religious reasons and continued the pregnancy. And when two babies were born, the couple took only a healthy one. This caused a big scandal. This situation has arisen due to imperfect legislation.

These scandalous stories forced officials to take drastic measures, even though the country is a kind of Mecca of surrogacy. Surrogacy laws in Thailand set a series of harsh measures: violators of the law will face a five-year prison sentence, and they have to pay a cost of about $3,000. So, if you want to participate in receiving the surrogacy programs from the best World Center of Baby agencies, it is better to choose another country. 


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