How Is Tibia Better than Other MMORPGs?



For a game to be so old yet be as popular as it was in its prime is something that only a few games in the history of gaming have pulled off, and Tibia is surely one of them. Tibia is a 2D fantasy MMORPG and was released back in 1997. Tibia’s core focus is on PvP, which makes Tibia better than other MMORPGs ever made and is incredibly addictive and popular, which is why it still manages to have over 15,000 plus users in the peak hours even in 2021.

There are so many aspects of the game responsible for making this game such a massive hit, and today we will be talking about a few of them. 

The fact that Tibia is unique, simplistic, and gorgeous while being equally complex, hard, and gruesome at the same time in some ways is what makes this game so great. As the game progresses, the stakes only go up, and Tibia isn’t the kind of MMO where you could go all berserk and brainless; the cost of death at some points in the game is just too great. The way leveling, classes, skills, and PvP works in Tibia is unique and one of a kind. 

Tibia Better Than Other MMORPGs| Let’s Know How?

There’s no shame in admitting that Tibia has one of the best mechanics as an MMORPG to this date. Tibia could be a matter of nostalgia and emotional attachment, players getting back to escape back to their childhood for a lot of players, but there is still so much more to it.

The concept and art direction of the game are immersive, and of course, the super hard gameplay is something to keep in mind. Tibia proves to be such a big challenge for even the most hardcore players when it comes to completing tasks, fighting monsters, and earning Tibia coinsand that’s what makes this game so addictive because a Tibia player is never a let go-er or a quitter. 

Another reason for Tibia being so good is that it’s endless; there is no end to it. No level cap lets you level up forever, extraordinary depth to the lore, which adheres the players to the game, and tons of achievements that never allow you to stop from playing for more. You can set up your own goals and play for them, and once they are in hand, you can always aim for going even further. 

Along with all these reasons, Tibia’s map is HUGEEE!! The game feels so fresh even after years of playing because of the size of the map, and there is no way to get to know all of it in less than a year. And the icing on the cake is that it gets regularly updated and is always brimmed up with new content, making it seem so fresh even after two and a half decades.

And if we were to round off everything that Tibia is popular for, here is what the summary would like:

Classic Hardcore PvP Gameplay

How Is Tibia Better than Other MMORPGs?

One of the first things that make Tibia so widely popular is that it is amongst one of the VERY FEW games that still offer the players the same classic hardcore PvP action that is hard to find. Especially now, when most MMO games are moving to modernization, that has given birth to hand-holding experience rather than taking on the challenges head-on.

Loyal Fanbase

A game over two decades old, the only thing that could keep it alive has a loyal player base, and fortunately, Tibia has one. The players have been playing the game for quite a while, and due to the new updates to the game, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Tibia Is HUGE

I have seen games that are not even five years old become too massive for the new players to get into; imagine what a 20+ years old game would be like. Tibia has seen many updates in its lifespan and remains one of the MOST biggest MMO titles of all time. And for a new player, I totally get how daunting it can be, but luckily, the developers have done and are still doing a great job at making things easier for the new player to get into the game.


Last but not least, Tibia remains one of the MOST easily accessible MMOs of all time, making it easy for any new players to get into the game. There are no crazy requirements to get started with the game due to the very low bandwidth.

This is what makes Tibia better than other MMORPGs, in some way but entirely. But for someone looking to get a hardcore PvP experience with no hand-holding, Tibia is a must-play MMO game that you need to play at least once in your life.


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