Twitter Opens Verification for Public After 3 Years with New Policy and Guidelines


Twitter shut down the account verification process for the general public in 2017 when it verified the account of a white supremacist and was receiving backlash and hate from people across the globe. 

 Though its authorities only paused the process for the general public, the platform was still verifying accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists, etc. But on May 20, 2021, Twitter announced that it is opening up the verification process for the general audience after revamping the procedure in three years. 

In the coming weeks, the platform will roll out an application process for its users directly in the Settings tab, from where anyone can apply easily. There are a few additions and guidelines to make the process more streamlined that you will find below. 

The biggest catch this time is that a newly formed team of members will complete the process, and nothing will be automated, which is why the process for getting verified can take up to months. 

Everything About Twitter & Its New Verification Process 

Here you will find that you should know to get yourself verified on this social media platform. 

What is Twitter Blue? 

Twitter Blue or Twitter Blue Check is a badge that appears right next to a profile after being verified by the social media platform. The platform paused the verification process three years earlier when it verified the account of white supremacist rally holder Jason Keller and started receiving heavy backlash. When pausing the verification process, the platform made it loud and clear that a verification badge does not mean endorsement from it. It is only meant to authenticate and recognize an individual’s voice and identity. 

Now three years later, after working on the verification process and forming a set of new rules and procedures that need to be followed, Twitter is back with its verification game. Users worldwide can apply for the verification process to receive a blue badge next to their username. 

How to Sign Up for the Verification Process?

With the beginning of this new verification process, Twitter claims high transparency and clarity for getting verified. The platform has created the verification process more accessible to the public to get verified, keeping in mind that they meet all the requirements. At the same time, this social media platform also says that it will unverify all the accounts that violate the community guidelines and protocols followed by the social media platform. 

Twitter Verification Process: Twitter Opens Verification for Public After 3 Years with New Policy and Guidelines

To get verified on Twitter, you need to be a part of one of the below-mentioned categories: 

  1. Government
  2. Companies, Brands, and Organizations 
  3. News Organizations and Journalists 
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports and Gaming 
  6. Activists, Organizers, and Influential individuals

Besides this, other essential things that you need to keep in mind are your account must have a profile name and picture that the platform authorities will verify. And update the team with a reliable email address or contact number to prove that you are not a fraud. If your content or your account violates the rules laid down by the platform, your verification application will get rejected instantly. 

Once you have submitted your verification application, you can take up to a few days or months to hear back from the platform. The response time will depend on the already standing applications in front of you in the queue. For any reason, if you are denied verification, you can re-apply for it after a window of 30 days.

While there are many requirements that each of the individuals following in these categories has to follow, there are a bunch of rules and regulations that the new privacy policy holds. You can have a look at the complete policy here. Even though the new process has streamlined many things, there are a few concerns still right there. 

Twitter says that you can be verified as an activist or a part of an organization that helped raise people’s voices or started a movement or hashtag. What is the exact number that you need to cross in this scenario? How is the platform going to identify you based on these criteria?

In response to this, the platform says that they are expanding the team and hiring many individuals who will work as human reviewers and filter out the people who will pass these criteria. Let’s wait and see how accurately Twitter will be able to figure these activists out. 

Final pronouncement:

The rules and processes for verification on Twitter have changed. We cannot forget how obsolete these were in the past and what consequences were drawn. We hope that the team will carry out the new Twitter verification policy and rules to work to benefit both the platform and the individuals on it. 

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Antra Koul
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