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The use of VIN has offered a reliable way to track the information of any vehicle online through its free VIN check-in, in 3 simple ways. Anyone can find and use the VIN to perform a lookup on a vehicle’s history. However, most VIN decoders ask you for a lot of information to share the reports.

That is why we did some research and found the easiest way to perform a VIN. After going through this guide, you can perform a free VIN check in 3 easy steps. 

Also, we will share all the related information to help you get all the data you need.

So, let’s start by understanding the meaning of VIN and where you can find it easily.

What Is A VIN? How To Do VIN Check-in?

What Is A VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number is a unique identity of every vehicle manufactured after 1981. The vehicle’s manufacturing company assigns the number to track its information systematically. Also, a quick lookup on the VIN makes it easier to understand where the vehicle was manufactured.

That is why every dealer asks you about the VIN while buying or selling a used car. It also helps you track your vehicle parts as the VIN is printed on most of the parts of your vehicles.

It means you can check if someone has replaced your part after a service simply by having a look at your car. Now, as you know, you can find your VIN on car parts; let us share the specific positions where you can find it:

● Vehicle’s dashboard (driver side)

● Front left door

● Under the engine

● On the Boot

● Registration Certificate

Insurance papers

● From the Car manufacturers

Once you get the VIN, you can perform a VIN check easily.

How To Perform A Free VIN In Three Easy Steps

Follow this guide to perform a VIN check in three steps:

Step1: Visit the VIN Decoder

How To Perform A Free VIN In Three Easy Steps

Although some VIN decoders can decode the VIN of any car manufacturer, we still recommend the ones offering exclusive services. If you want to find details of a Chevy from a VIN check, you need to choose one specifically made for that.

Similarly, if you want to use a VIN decoder for a Mercedes, we recommend using a Mercedes VIN decoder.

Step2: Search For VIN

Search For VIN

The next step is to enter the VIN of the vehicle in the search bar. Refer to the above picture to understand how it works. Once you enter the VIN, hit the search button and wait for it to access the records.

Step3: Check The Report

Check The Report

The VIN decoder will prepare a report with all the records of that vehicle. You can check the report and access all the information you want. The good thing is that the data is updated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Thus, you can trust the data without any credibility issues.

That’s it. These three steps are enough to help you find any records you want.

How To Decode VIN Of A Vehicle?

Not many people know, but there is a sequence of each vehicle identification number, and you can decode it using any tool. However, you study each character of a VIN and understand the hidden meaning behind it.

Here, we will share the easiest way to understand the process of decoding VIN.

Part 1- Digit 1 To 3

First of all, you need to focus on the first three digits of a VIN. You will realize that the first one is always a number instead of an alphabet. This number stands for the country where the car was manufactured. 

For example, numbers 1,4 and 5 are reserved for vehicles manufactured in the United States. Similarly, number 2 is reserved for vehicles manufactured in Canada.

The next character is usually an alphabet that tells you about the manufacturer of that vehicle. For example, B stands for BMW. This way, you can find out which company has manufactured that vehicle.

The third digit focuses on the type of vehicle. It means you can find out what type of vehicle it is simply by looking at the third digit. For example, C usually stands for Trucks. 

Part 2- Digit 4 To 8

The second part includes the next five digits of the VIN. All these digits focus on how the car looks. Thus, they are called vehicle descriptors. To be specific, you can check the car size, model, color, shape, engine, transmission, and similar details with these digits. 

Every manufacturer uses different sets of characters to define these digits. Thus, we recommend you check the guide of the manufacturer whose vehicle you are looking for.

Part 3- Digit 9

This part contains only the 9th digit that works as a security code. The only reason to have this number is to verify the details of the VIN. It means manufacturers use this digit to ensure the VIN is correct.

Part 4- Digit 10 to 17

The last part of the VIN includes eight different numbers and alphabets. Thus, you need to make sure you get these numbers right to check the details of a vehicle. The 10th digit focuses on the year when the vehicle was built. On the other hand, the 11th digit focuses on the plant where the car was manufactured.

The last six digits serve as the serial number for the manufacturer, and there is no pattern to follow here. These numbers are unique for every car, and the manufacturer gets an option to manufacture the same car model in 6-digit counts.

With this information, you can easily track the details of any vehicle. However, you may need to access some charts to find the exact manufacturing country, plant, year, and the manufacturer itself.

Final Words

The main challenge of performing a VIN check is to find a reliable VIN decoder. We shared the most credible platform where you can perform a VIN lookup any time you want.

You can get the exclusive solution for all the leading vehicle-manufacturing companies like Chevy, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, and Ford. Thus, you can use the platform and perform a free VIN check in 3 easy steps only.

We also shared how you can find the VIN of your vehicle without checking any documents. Thus, you can follow the guide to find the VIN and perform a lookup conveniently. 


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