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Missing out on the school time when there was nothing like busy days and always had time for blandishing your crush and playing sports with your classmates. If that’s the case, this is the time of Homecoming, the reunion party time. One of the best parts of this event is the first big dance of the year. Now, what could be the cute ways to ask someone to Homecoming dance party? Let’s check! 

Every high school has a specific tradition to celebrate Homecoming and is celebrated at the starting of October. Homecoming party invites the school alumni, recently graduated seniors, freshers and organizes various programs such as a banquet or dance and friendly sports competition like a football match. All this is to have a good time with old friends and teachers left behind.

After almost a year of canceled dance parties, it is the time when you can meet your old school friends and school crush and have a blast on the dance floor at the homecoming party. You have to ask your crush with whom you are dying to meet, to join you at the party. A small cute invitation will help you with that, we have worked and shared our ideas of some cute ways to ask someone to homecoming.

Down here are 10 best cute ways to ask someone to homecoming. We hope you find your best invitation idea and won’t be rejected as a partner for the homecoming dance.

10 Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Homecoming Dance Party |It Should Be The Best Invite!

It doesn’t matter if your date is a boy or a girl for the homecoming dance party. We have covered some of the best cute ideas to ask your special one for the homecoming event. There are 10 of them to select from-

1# Cupcake Proposal

10 Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Homecoming Dance Party

If you know how to make homemade cupcakes, then prepare them for your partner with a letter to be your date for the Homecoming. Go as creative you can.

2# Pinata Proposal

Pinata Proposal.

Send your friend or crush a pinata with your message. Let them find your proposal and they will join you at the party.

3# Treasure Box Proposal

Treasure Box Proposal.

Prepare a treasure box and put it in a letter of proposal for the homecoming party with chocolates inside. Then prepare the treasure map and give it to them to find the treasure box. 

4# Poem Proposal

Poem Proposal

If you are good at writing, write a poem dedicated to him/her and mention the happy days of the school years you enjoyed together. They will be delighted by your proposal and will definitely join you at the party.

5# Charm Bracelet With T-shirt Proposal.

Charm Bracelet With T-shirt Proposal.

Give them a bracelet engraved with custom written words “would you be my date for the Homecoming dance party.” With your affection, they would definitely agree to join you at the party.

6# Cute Poster Proposal

Cute Poster Proposal

Write one of the best love message with the request to be the date for the school reunion night. They won’t reject the proposal.

7# The Song Proposal

The Song proposal.

If you are a bold type, consider signing out your desire for the homecoming date to your partner in front of the whole public. Make sure they aren’t too shy before you bring this surprise to her.

You can also create a Spotify playlist and share it with your date and naming the playlist as “would you be my Homecoming dance partner?”

8# Stuffed Animal Toy Proposal

Stuffed Animal Toy Proposal

If you feel shy to ask your date in person, the idea is to get some stuffed animals toys for them and leave one in front of their door with the message to be the date for the party. If she agrees, then the mission accomplished. 

9#  Text Message Proposal

Text Message Proposal.

Create a fun meme and send it to your date asking her for the homecoming dance party, or you can send them their perfect photography or a good video of one another of the old times. Videos of old times could easily generate emotions that can easily pull your desired men or lady to be your partner for the party

10# Photo Collage Proposal 

Photo Collage Proposal 

Gather some of the funny-looking photos of your date and make a big collage with the message on it to be your homecoming partner. You won’t be rejected. 

Final Words

Homecoming is very near, so start preparing your invitation or ideas so that you won’t miss the chance to enjoy the epic homecoming party. Sharing is caring, so help others too who have no idea how to ask someone for the reunion party. 

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