What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft? Kill All The Mobs With One Arrow!


You are a newbie in the game and right now only have a crossbow as the main weapon, but because of its low damage in the attack, it’s not proving to be that effective in the course of survival. What to do now? Well, you can easily upgrade the strength and damage caused by the weapons through enchantment, and one such enchantment is piercing. What does Piercing do in Minecraft?

Minecraft is an entertainment game that challenges its players to live in the unknown world by exploring stuff, making and crafting essential commodities for survival, and protecting themselves from the mobs. In the game, it’s essential to know how to craft and upgrade different weapons like crossbows.

What does Piercing do in Minecraft, and how is it used? Well, The answer is Piercing or Piercing enchantment upgrades the strength and damage caused by crossbows.

Scroll and read how to do Piercing enchantment in Minecraft, the top 4 uses of piercing enchantment, and how to craft a crossbow.

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft? Amazing Strengthening Tool!  

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft

Applicable on crossbows Piercing increases the damage caused by the crossbow by making the arrow pierce through multiple targets. There are four levels of Piercing enchantments which means you can upgrade the crossbows to 4 levels. There are no secondary weapons on which this enchantment works and worth knowing that piercing enchantments are incapable of multi-shots.

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An Overview Of The Piercing Enchantment? Feat. Keys Feature

To apply Piercing enchantments, you need a crossbow and an enchantment book.

  • Enchantment books can be obtained as a treasure item, from fishing with a fishing rod.
  • Other ways to find the Enchantnment books is by trading, or drops in the game.
  • The crossbow can be crafted from the crafting menu. (full details below)

How To Apply Piercing Enchantment?

How to Apply Piercing Enchantment:
  • Go to option Repair and name. 
  • Under the option weapon name type crossbow.  
  • Crossbow will automatically appear in one box.
  • In the second box, add the enchantment book.
  • This will start the weapon upgrade.

Enchanting weapons to different levels of upgrade require experience level, which adds up in the enchantment book. You can gain experience by performing different tasks like hunting, mining, fishing, etc.

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What Are The Key Points Of Piercing?

Some of the key points of enchanting a crossbow with piercing are:

  • Piercing is only applicable to crossbows and gives the arrow the ability to pierce through multiple objects. 
  • The upgrade increases the damage done on mobs and can even pass through armor when fired with the enchanted crossbows.
  • The arrows can be reclaimed and used again after they have pierced through multiple targets.

Top 4 Uses Of Piercing Enchantments? Win Is Yours!

Top 4 uses of Piercing enchantments? Win Is Yours!

The top 4 uses of Piercing enchantment are listed below that can deal more damage to your enemies:

  • Fighting Hoards Of Mobs 

Upgrading the crossbow allows the arrows to pierce through multiple targets and thus help fight with Hoards of mobs. Also, note that upgrading the crossbow can kill five unique mobs with a single arrow.

  • Saving Arrows

When the crossbow is upgraded with the piercing enchantment, the arrows shot by the players do not disappear and thus can be used again and again. Theoretically, a single arrow can be used infinite times  

  • Fighting Against Other Minecraft Players 

Upgraded crossbows can pierce through shields and thus proves to be of a greater advantage when fighting with other Minecraft players.

  • Two Phantoms With One Single Arrow

With the Piercing enchantment on the crossbow, you can kill two birds/ phantoms with the same piercing arrow. 

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How To Craft A Crossbow? Know The Things Required!

Crafting a crossbow is an easy job, all you need to gather are some resources. Down here, we have listed the resources required and the steps to craft a crossbow.

Resources Required

  • 3 sticks 
  • 2 strings
  • 1 iron ingot
  • 1 tripwire hook
How To Craft A Crossbow?

Now to craft a crossbow, the required steps are:

  • Go to the 3*3 crafting menu.
  • Add the listed items in the crafting, the same way as shown in the figure. 
  • Adding all the resources will craft a crossbow, but it will take some time to craft.

All the crossbows are capable of three unique enchantments that include Quick charge, Multiple shots, and Piercings. On a final note, You might not know that a crossbow can be loaded with rocket fireworks.

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Final Words

Here I conclude this article covering all the topics associated with the query on what piercing enchantment can do in Minecraft. Also, with additional information on how to craft a crossbow. Share the article if we were able to solve all your problems

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