20 Easy Steps to Add Ringtone to iPhone Without iTunes


Are you struggling to keep a ringtone of your choice on your iPhone? I can fully sympathize with you, and just like you, I also envy the android users over their ability to keep any song of their choice as their ringtones. So, I am here to lessen your remorse and guide you to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes.

By the end of this tutorial on how to add a ringtone to iPhone without iTunes, I will ensure that you will develop the understanding to keep any song or any customized sound as your ringtone. And by any customized sound, I mean the mewing of your cat, the snoring of your partner, ANYTHING!

First, to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes, you need to understand this essential thing – you need to have the GarageBand app on your phone. This article will give you a detailed guide to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes. Don’t forget to try the best wallpaper apps to give a new look to your iPhone.

It would help if you kept in mind that Protected songs from Apple Music can not be used, and the piece you wish to save as your ringtone should be there in your files app or iPhone Music Library.

How to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes for beginners

How to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes for beginners

So, without any further ado, follow these steps to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes –

  • 1# You need to launch the GarageBand app on your iPhone from the Appstore.
Launch The GarageBand
  • 2# Select the Tracks tab. Find the audio recorder and turn the mic on. You may select an instrument like guitar, drummer, and keyboard. 
  • 3# Look at the left side of your screen. You will see something like a bricked wall. This is the project icon, tap on it for editing.
  • 4# Then go to the loop icon and use any tab (like Files, Apple Loops, and Music) where you have saved your ringtone.
  • 5# Find the best song of your choice, select it, and wait for a few seconds for it to get imported into Garageband.
  • 6# Locate a long vertical bar and drag it to the starting point of your ringtone to edit it.
  • 7#To view the editing options, long-press the song and click on the split option.
  • 8# You can also use the available scissor to cut the piece. Just drag it and do so.
  • 9# As you have made your mind regarding that part of your song you do not want, the next step is to delete that part by selecting that part and clicking on the delete option.
  • 10# Oops! Have you deleted the wrong part by mistake? Don’t worry. There’s a solution for that, too – Go to the reverse arrow icon and undo.
  • 11# After you are done with your editing, do not forget to listen to the edited track to ensure that you’re on the right track or not.
  • 12# So now you have the track that you want; you need to go to the left side of the top of the screen and click the down arrow icon to choose My Songs.
 go to the left side of the top of the screen and click the down arrow icon to choose My Songs
  •  13# If you tap your project, you will see plenty of options like copy, duplicate, move, delete, share, etc. Select the share option.
  • 14# Tap on ringtone, rename the song, and export it (.m4r or .m4a)
  • 15# Once you have successfully exported the song as a ringtone on your iPhone, tap on the “Use sound as ” option. 
  • 16# You are nearly done; click on ‘use sound as’ or click ‘OK’ to finalize it as your ringtone.
  • 17# There‘s one thing you need to keep in mind – the iPhone will automatically trim your ringtone at 30 seconds. So, plan accordingly.
  • 18# You may also set it as your ringtone for standard text tone or as a ringtone for a specific contact. If you don’t want to put this song as your ringtone at this moment, click on Done.
  • 19# This is the process to choose it from the list later – Settings app > Sounds & Haptics > ringtone. 
  • 20# You will see all the ringtones you’ve created, select the one you want and tap on it.
How to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes for beginners

I hope this guide on adding ringtone to the iPhone without iTunes will help you get the desired effect. Now you can die in peace thinking – Now, I can set any customized ringtone like those android users. ( Apple can never disappoint you after all)

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