6 Best Short PS5 Games | Games With Short And Sweet Storylines!!


Whenever there is a talk about PS5 games, the one genre that is on the tongue of many is the long-length RPG games. I know people are crazy about them, but not someone me. I like games that are short in size and consolidate a storyline worth remembering. Well, for those who have a similar taste like me, here are the six best short PS5 games with a storyline worth remembering!!

Short games pack an immense enjoyment in them; the reason is they end in 5-6 hours and tell concise stories in a captivating environment. There is another personal reason for liking these games, i.e., seeing the credit roles and getting teary eyes filled with the happiness of accomplishing something. Now to get a punch of these short entertaining games, go through our hand-picked list and select your first game!

6 Best Short PS5 Games | From Adventure To Puzzle Solving!!

The one good reason to select these short games is that they are the least expensive but very entertaining like the most, and more brainy. It means that they are short but tough that will require your big bashy brain to start thinking. So, if you want to give your brain a little exercise, these are the games for you.

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#6 Dreaming Sarah

Dreaming Sarah is an inspiration from the Japanese horror classic Yumi Nikki. The game follows a story of a small young girl trapped in her dream where she tries to wake herself from her coma.

In the gameplay, Sarah meets different characters, explores interesting areas, and solves different quests and puzzles, essential to help her wake from her coma. The game visuals are similar to the brick games and have some dreamy soundtrack to match the game plot.

Other than that, the game is not so easy and requires a decent amount of brainpower to complete the quests and puzzles. 

Gameplay Duration: 3 hours

Developed By: Asteristic Game Studio


6 Best Short PS5 Games | Games With Short And Sweet Storylines!!

For late-night horror fun and those who are intrigued with the storyline of Dreaming Sara, this game will interest you a lot. As the name suggests, DARQ is a two-tone black & white puzzle game that follows the story of a boy trapped in his haunted dream and chased by monstrous creatures.

In the game, the boy discovers that he cannot easily wake from his dream, so he starts to manipulate his surroundings to survive. If you have played the game limbo, you will find this game very similar.

Gameplay Duration: 3 hours

Developed By: Unfold games

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#4 Love Choice

#4 Love Choice

Love choice is love and relationship-based game with soothing soundtracks, adorable visuals, and one hour of gameplay. As the name suggests, in this game, the player has to make tough decisions that will determine the success and outcome of their romantic relationship.

There are three different storylines in the game: “Love Game, Love Detective, and Love Distance. Each response and decision you take in your relationship will shift the storyline, and according to which, you have to make your own choices on what actions to take.

Though from its surface, this short game looks very cute and easy but packs every bit of intimacies of a relationship that anyone can relate to. So this game is best for those who want to experience and learn more about managing a relationship.

Gameplay Duration: 1 hour 

Developed By: Akaba Studio 

#3 Maquette

For those who love puzzle solving and can think out of the box, Maqutee is designed only for you. When you enter the game, you will be spellbound with the beautiful graphic and charming magical world.

It’s a first-person puzzle adventure game that mostly works on the perception and perspective of what you see in this disorienting game world. To put it simply, while solving a puzzle, you might find some extraordinary thing happening to you.

For example, you might suddenly find yourself too short of jumping the obstacle that you previously did with ease. The game requires out-of-the-box thinking to solve the levels and is not for everyone. 

Gameplay Duration: Graceful Decay 

Developed By: 3-4 hours 

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#2 I am Dead 

#2 I am Dead 

If you are searching for a game with charming visuals and great narration, then I am Dead is the perfect match for your recommendation. The game is a laid-back game that gives you views of the seaside town from the eyes of a recently deceased resident, Morris. 

In the game, when the ghost of Morris’s dog tells that a volcano will erupt, Morris sets his adventure to save the residents of the place. In his journey, he explores the town’s hidden mysteries and tries to find a way to protect his former neighbors from the coming danger.

A worth noting feature of the game is its slicing mechanism, which lets the players know the thoughts in other people’s minds and have a deep look into the object.

Gameplay Duration: 3-4 hours

Developed By: Hollow Ponds

#1 Call Of The Sea 

#1 Call Of The Sea 

For those who are looking for a game whose story is based on self-discovery, then Call of the sea, suits them best. Although it’s the longest game of all the above, it packs a story that will make it stick to your brain forever.

The game follows the story of a lady named Norah who sets her voyage to a beautiful inhabited island to find her lost husband. In her exploration, she suddenly gets a thrust to explore the mystery behind the island’s lost civilization. In her adventure, she discovers some hard to believe truth, which begins her journey of self-discovery.

In the game, you have to solve some puzzling, mind-boggling quests that can be resolved by true dedication rather than guesswork.

Gameplay Duration: 6 Hours 

Developed By: Out Of The Blue

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Final Words  

Apart from PS5, these games are also available for PS4 and can be brought from Amazon and other websites. Also, these games are not expensive and hence are worth giving a shot. Tell us in the comments which game you would love to play from the list mentioned above.

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