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Ever since the release of iOS 14, using widgets on iPhone is becoming a trend every day. With so many best widgets for the iPhone waiting for us out there, it is finally time to use them and add more versatility to our phone screen. 

Though the idea of widgets is not a new thing but with the earlier versions of iOS, it was a lot more boring. Now that we have more accessible and lively versions of iOS 14 and 15, widgets are a fantastic concept that each user wants to adapt. 

The best widgets for iPhones not only make our screens look more versatile, but they also help make our hectic lives a lot easier. We can access most of our tasks from the lock screen and the home screen itself with widgets. Not only this, but widgets also add a lot of charm to our iOS wallpapers and make them more appealing. 

With so many widget apps available in the App Store, how do you find the best ones? That is why we are here, right? To help you with the task of finding the best widgets for the iPhone and explaining their functionality. 

6 Best Widgets for the iPhone

Read along the list to find some of our favorite widgets and how they can make your life easy. These apps are not only loved by us but by millions of other users as well. You can check their reviews from the App Store and find out if we are lying or telling you the truth. 

Best android widgets
Best android widgets

#1 Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith: Best Widgets for the iPhone

Widgetsmith is hands down one of the best widgets for the iPhone. Jump back to the release of iOS 14, and you will remember why everyone was going so crazy about this widget. Since that day, Widgetsmith is giving us all the pretty reasons to fall in love with it. 

Taking a look at its features, the widget allows us to create unique and customizable widgets that appear on our screens. If you take its premium subscription, you can select a theme from its vast library filled with pretty colors and effects. Widgetsmith supports all types of widgets from Calendar to Weather and Notes. You can either take the subscription at $2/month or $20/year. 

Download Widgetsmith for Free

#2 ScreenKit

Screen Kit: Best Widgets for the iPhone

Screenkit may be one of the most accessible iPhone widgets app on our list today. The reason behind this is its unbelievable pricing and the features it provides to the users. The app offers 500+ icons and themes from its library. 

Screenkit is one of the viral and best widgets for the iPhone. If you look at its ranking in the App Store, you will see that it is at the top position in the customization and app icon window. You can use the brilliant features of the app after a one-time payment of $9.99. Once you pay the amount, all the icons, themes, and other features will be available for you. 

Download Screenkit for Free

#3 Color Widgets

Color Widgets: Best Widgets for the iPhone

Color widgets is also another app like Widgetsmith, but it offers many bonus features than the latter. With this app, you can customize your widgets to the next level; that is, you can set the colors, font, and animations as per your style. You can even add pictures to the widgets to give them a personal look.

The app offers various themes based on different colors, seasons, weather, festivals, and even animals. Not only this, but Color Widgets also provides a variety of other widget options to choose from. You can enjoy its services by paying $1.99/month. Color widgets offers a free trial for three days once you sign up for the subscription. 

Download Color Widgets for Free

#4 Spark Mail

Spark Mail: Best Widgets for the iPhone

Do you all agree that in any profession – student, teacher, businessman, we send a dozen emails every day and probably receive a lot more than that? Keeping track of so many emails can be challenging, but why worry when we have one of the best widgets for the iPhone to manage them efficiently. 

Spark Mail is the one best app that will find on the App Store, and I am not the only one saying this. With this app, you can easily read your important emails at a glance without having to worry about clearing the unnecessary drafts. You can also use the app to draft professional emails with your colleagues in real-time. 

Download Spark Mail for Free

#5 Fantastical

Fantastical: Best Widgets for the iPhone

Fantastical is a calendar-based widget app for iOS devices that can be used for taking complete control of the calendar and events. The app frequently wins hearts at the Editors Choice Awards for the best app because of all the good reasons. 

If you are busy in your life and often forget about important events and meetings, Fantastical will take care of all that for you. You can input a reminder using voice commands that will automatically turn into an entry on the calendar to scheduling events and anniversaries. All this can be done with a basic account, while you can subscribe to its premium features at a monthly cost of $3.33.

Download Fantastical for Free  

#6 Weather Line

Weather Line: Best Widgets for the iPhone

Though the pre-installed weather widget on iPhone is good enough to do its job, there are a few areas it lacks. Here our next app on the list of best widgets for the iPhone takes an entry. Weather Line is an exciting weather forecast app especially made, keeping in mind the design of the iPhone. 

With Weather Line, you can get all the details about the sunrise, sunset, UV index, AQI, etc., by looking at your screen only. You don’t have to keep tapping on the weather app to get all the information. If you like a minimal look on your screen, you can choose a minimal theme that shows only basic details, but if you want to have all the updates, you can select one with a full-blown report. 

Download Weather Line for Free


These are the six best widgets for the iPhone that you can download for free from the App Store easily and quickly. Though there are thousands of other widgets available out there, these chosen ones are topping the charts in their area of expertise. If you also love to use widgets, drop your suggestions in the comments section below. 

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