10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!


There are a million ways to write a decent resume, and, for the most part, it’s easy too. Today, the web offers thousands of sites with free CV templates that you can use to build your application or cover letter in less than thirty minutes.

You can use sites like application builders or resume boosters and other instant resume services. The result will most likely be a more-than-decent resume. Once you send it, your application arrives in the recruiter’s inbox with dozens or hundreds of seemingly alike CVs.

But, if everyone uses the same resume structure, how does the employer choose between the candidates? If everyone includes similar information in the application, what helps them pick?

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out? 10 Popular Ways!

A natural answer would be “work experience.” So, depending on where you worked and for how long, the employer may try to understand whether you might be fit for the job or not. Partially, this is true because not many people will hire someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience.

Nevertheless, employers look for more than just hard skills, degrees, and experience. That’s why you need to include something in your CV that makes it particularly eye and mind-catching. Here are ten ways to make your resume stand out

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1# Focus On Your Soft Skills

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

As previously mentioned, hard skills are essential, just like experience and certifications. But if you think that’s all you need to show off to get hired, you’re wrong. Here’s where the soft skills come to play.

Working in almost any company involves collaboration with other people, so knowing how to be around people is extremely important. An employer looks for someone good at their job as they are with colleagues, clients, temps, and so on.

So, don’t hesitate to mention your soft/people skills, such as:

  • Your personality traits.
  • Level of sociability.
  • Management and problem-solving skills.
  • The languages you speak.
  • Your approach to clients and customer service.
  • Your communication level.

Depending on the job you’re applying for, try to select the skills that may seem relevant. Moreover, don’t hesitate to give examples and a sneak peek into your point of view.

2# Short And Sweet

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

This point might contradict the previous one, but it’s all part of the process. You can write the eye-catching elements while being concise.

If you have worked many jobs, you might have a long list of things to say. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to think about the length of your resume.

The reader might get bored if it’s too long, especially if no information is truly interesting. So, try to balance writing too much and not enough.

3# Make It Aesthetic

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

If it’s a beautiful resume, the employer will quickly notice it and most likely appreciate it. So, choose a stylish design that reflects your personal style. You can use many templates, and if you can’t find what you like, you can create it yourself.

4# Use Key Words

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Another essential aspect is keywords. Using a lot of pronouns and repeating the same things over and over again isn’t a good writing strategy. However, you can choose some keywords to put into your CV.

Think about what would sound the most appealing to an employer. Focus on words that aren’t generic and that reflect your skills and personality.

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5# Add Your Hobbies

Whether they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for, hobbies define a person. So, add the ones you do regularly and are most passionate about. This might help your employer feel closer to you and maybe even relate. Thus, you might stay on their mind.

6# Always Have A Nice Profile Picture

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Think of potential employers as babies: anything that catches their eye will get their attention and time. So, a profile picture, along with a good design, pertinent description, and friendly tone, might increase your success rates.

People love associating a picture with a name. So, don’t omit the profile picture: formal yet friendly, not too serious, but perfectly balanced with a slight Monalisa smile.

7# Revise It

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

It’s vital to show that you’re careful. This means revising the CV and updating it along the way. Also, it’s a great idea to get input from people who work in your sector or not.

Grammar and syntax should be flawless, but checking it with a friend ensures that you’re getting your point across and that your tone is just right.

8# Include Some Elements That Make People Think

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

For example, you can add your favorite quote, famous art piece, TV show, or book. When readers see these elements, they will either recognize them or search for them out of curiosity. Either way, it’s something that helps remember you.

9# Define And Specify

10 Efficient Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out!

When talking about a job, try to explain it as if someone inexperienced is reading it. Acronyms don’t help because you’re taking for granted someone’s knowledge. Instead, tell people what you straightforwardly did on the job without sounding like you’re citing the ingredients on your shampoo bottle.

10# Add A Cover Letter

A cover letter is an attachment to the CV that helps your potential employer understand you better. Typically, you can write about why you want the said job and why you’d fit in perfectly.

It’s helpful because you can present yourself in fluent discourse as if you were talking to the employer. Moreover, it makes people feel like they’re already talking to you, almost like you’re pen pals. It’s a great way to be more personal and give a chance for your employer to relate to you and choose you.

Final Words

When it comes to making resumes stand out, it’s all about strategy. Adding quotes, a cover letter, and a good profile pick can do the trick.

Nevertheless, it depends on formal, people-oriented, artistic, or corporate job you’re applying to. Use your best judgment and ask friends to give some feedback. Lastly, don’t forget to update your CV and keep a smile on, no matter the result of your application.

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