What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram | 4 Tips To Increase Engagement! 


Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved from being just your average social media platform to becoming a Hubspot for businesses, brands, content creators, and the like. Instagram offers some amazing features that facilitate the growth of this section of users. However, sometimes, making sense of these features can become difficult. At such times, articles like this one on what does accounts engaged mean on Instagram are of help. 

Now, you might have your own shrewd guesses about the meaning of engaged accounts. If you think it has something to do with measuring your success on the gram, you’re partially right. You see, you might be employing all kinds of strategies to grow your account, but how do you know if your strategies are actually working? The answer lies in understanding what does accounts engaged mean on Instagram. Want to know more? Keep reading. 

Find Out What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram Here | Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement!

Now, plenty of people think that just noticing an increase in your Instagram followers is an indication that you’re doing well on Instagram. But, no. Measuring and assessing your Instagram engagement rate is much better than that. Now, you might not be pretty familiar with the meaning of Instagram engagement. And that’s why the sole purpose of this article is to make you understand the meaning of this seemingly complex thing. 

So, if you want to know what does accounts engaged mean on Instagram, and what you can do to actually increase your Instagram engagement, make sure to read this article till the end! 

What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram?

What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram | 4 Tips To Increase Engagement! 

In the simplest of terms, accounts engaged or engagement rate is the total of likes and comments that you receive on your Instagram post divided by the number of people who follow you. The metric that you receive as an outcome depicts how frequently your followers choose to interact with the content that you post on the gram. In other words, it shows if your followers like the content that you’re posting or not. 

If you want to measure your Instagram engagement, then sum up the likes and comments you receive per post and divide it by the total number of followers you have. Multiply the whole of it by 100. Here’s what this formula looks like:

          (Likes + Comments per post) * 100/ Total number of followers

After you’ve used the formula to derive your engagement rate, you must be thinking what the number you’ve received shows. Is your engagement rate good? Are you underperforming? What is it?? Well, the thing is, there’s nothing like the “best” engagement rate. Different results speak different things for different people. If a certain number is good for someone, it might not be the same for you and vice versa. 

So, what you can do instead is to look at different kinds of engagement rates and make use of the numbers given to understand yours better. Plus, you can also research engagement rates for your niche and draw out some comparisons to understand where you stand in the field. 

Apart from that, the average Instagram engagement rate falls anywhere between 1 to 5 percent. So, you can use this as a baseline for yourself. 

How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement?

What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram | 4 Tips To Increase Engagement! 

Now, that you know what does accounts engaged mean on Instagram, you must be wondering what things you can possibly do to increase your engagement on Instagram and take your business to the next level. Well, all of these things are discussed below. 

Posting Times

Now, you might be thinking that just posting is important, and you can do that whenever you want. Well, no. Taking care of the time you post is super important. In fact, it is the key to determining how well your post is going to do on the gram. Certain timings are better than others because Instagram users are more active on the platform and are therefore more likely to engage with your post. 

According to several researchers, the best time to post on the gram is around the afternoon on weekdays. You can also consider posting during the evenings as Instagram user activity tends to be high at that time as well. Plus, Wednesday is considered to be the best weekday for posting. The least successful day is Sunday, for reasons I’m sure you can guess. 


I’m sure you already know how important hashtags are. They help you with content discovery and reach more people which inevitably results in an increase in the number of followers and likes. But, this simply doesn’t mean you can use any hashtag that you want. In fact, doing this can backfire. 

So, how does one determine what hashtags to use? Well, you need to determine the right kind of hashtags for yourself by doing some research into your field/ niche. You can do this by going through (read: stalking) your competitors’ profiles. You can also make use of the explore page to see what is working well for other people or what hashtag has what amount of posts. 

Also, a pro tip: avoid using hashtags that have more than a million posts. Because, even if you use that particular hashtag, your post is going to be buried under already a million ones that exist. Since you can only add up to 30 hashtags, you need to choose carefully. To make your work easier, you can make use of tools like Seekmetrics, TagBlender, etc,  


You might think that you can add literally any funny story or catchphrase along with your post in the caption. Well, despite how tempting it is, refrain from doing it. Because the caption that you choose can help you with your discovery and engagement rates more than you can possibly imagine. 

Because captions help provide additional context and meaning to your post. If you add meaningful content to your post, chances are, your audience will be able to understand and relate to you better. 

You can also ask a question via the captions that your followers might be interested in or compelled to answer via comments. This will help in increasing your engagement rate. 

Instagram Stories

What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram | 4 Tips To Increase Engagement! 

If used correctly, Instagram stories serve an important role in increasing engagement. You might be wondering how, Well, not everything can be turned into a carousel post or a reel. Some things are personable and spontaneous that suit better to stories that last only for 24 hours. This makes your audience watch them in the given time frame and also engage with them appropriately. 

On top of this, there are various kinds of the story features that you can make use of to increase your story engagement. For example, you can use story stickers to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with your followers. As the name suggests, your followers will ask you things that you want to know more about and this will help you boost your account activity

Final Words

Alright, people! This is what does accounts engaged mean on Instagram! In this article, we looked at the meaning of Instagram engagement, a finer metric than follower count to determine how well you’re doing on the gram! We also discussed a few tips on how one can boost their Instagram engagement! I hope you found this article helpful, and in case you’ve any doubts regarding any of the things mentioned above, feel free to mention them in the comments below! 

What does accounts engaged mean on Instagram stories?

Number of unique accounts that have interacted with your content and demographic information on the accounts you’ve engaged, including top countries, top cities, top age ranges and gender breakdown. To view audience demographics, use preset timeframes and engage over 100 accounts.

What is the difference between accounts reached and accounts engaged on Instagram?

Quite simply, reach is how many people see your post in their News Feed. Engagement is how many people interact with it. Now this interaction can take many forms. It can be a share, a comment, or even just a click on a link.

Why do people get engagements on Instagram?

Instagram engagement is important because it indicates people are stopping to interact with your content, rather than scrolling on by. It also indicates that something in what you posted connected with them and made them feel something about your post, or even your brand. Those feelings are the heart of brand loyalty.

Is engagement better than followers?

The information/insights gained from engagement rates are far more valuable than follower count, these can include likes, comments and saves. Higher engagement increases the algorithms to favour your content over other content that’s not getting a lot of engagement.

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